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A Chaotic Crossover – Project x Zone gets a Western Release

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It has been announced that Project x Zone – a previously Japan-only RPG for the Nintendo 3DS – will in fact be getting a release this coming summer in North America, Europe and Australia.

Project x Zone is a rather unique style of RPG that borrows elements from fighting games in order to make the combat both flashy and exciting, whilst rewarding the player’s skill for creating successful combos. On top of this, the game is primarily known for having multiple characters and universes from Capcom (Street Fighter, Devil May Cry), Namco-Bandai (Tekken, Tales of Vesparia) and Sega (Virtua Fighter, Valkyria Chronicles) – all interacting with each other in a giant fan-dream crossover story.

Here is an extended trailer for Project x Zone:


I have personally had my eye on this game since it was first announced as a Japan-only title, so I’m ecstatic to have the chance to play it for myself, in English.


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