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A Storm Is Coming – Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII dated

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Back in March of last year, Final Fantasy XIII-2 was released and was generally well received (you can read my review on this blog!). However, the game also baffled players with its rather confusing cliff-hanger ending. Since then, Square-Enix tried to expand upon this through the use of extra DLC chapters, although these ultimately failed to satisfy the followers of the story and its universe.

Today, fans of the Final Fantasy XIII franchise are once again given something to feel excited about, as Square-Enix revealed through a trailer that Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will be arriving in stores as soon as this coming Autumn.

This next instalment to the Final Fantasy XIII lore brings back Lightning as the main protagonist, in a desperate story that sees her awoken from a solid crystal sleep and immediately being tasked with having only 13 days to save the world.

Below is the latest official trailer:


As a personal fan of this series, I can’t wait!


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