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Hello there!

As the title suggests, I’ve recently heard about a rather interesting website through the grapevine:

Waygoz Logo

The gist of the website is that you sign up via Facebook, and then proceed to list the games that you own (and are or are not willing to trade) as well as the games that you wish to obtain. You are also able to enter the details of your location (which can be as vague as you want) for the chance of receiving notifications from people that are trading near to you, although I’ve yet to familarise myself with this aspect.

Waygoz Tradescreen

One of the best reasons for using Waygoz as a method of trading your games is that you’re almost guarenteed to get a better overall value for your trades than you would do with the average highstreet store.

As it stands, Waygoz seems to be a fairly lively website (granted, mostly in the NA region) – with a multitude of trades being proposed as well as each member being given access to a stream of posts by people that they follow, which allows for brilliant opportunities for gaming-related dialogue. Participate enough and you’re sure to be seen by other users!

Whilst this is definitely a cool idea that seems to be taking off, you have to wonder what will happen when the next console generation arrives – where both Sony and Microsoft are drawing up plans to eliminate used/traded games from the equation. I guess only time will tell…but until then, why not check Waygoz out? You might make some cool friends from around your area and with some very similar gaming tastes to boot!

Waygoz Homepage

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Written by SteadiestShark

April 13, 2012 at 4:53 pm

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