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Hello fellow game enthusiasts!

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As you may have gathered by the title, I am new around here – so I hope that you’ll all give me a chance and begin to enjoy the content that I have to offer!

So, who am I?

I am known as SteadiestShark (formerly SteadyShark), I am in my early 20’s and I live in the UK. I have had many hobbies over the course of my life, but the single interest that I never once got tired of for a prolonged period of time was videogames – and everything related to them. I am also a fan of anime/japanese animation and manga, and have been since the days of the original Pokémon series – however I question how frequently that’ll be touched upon in this blog.

So, what’s my story for being here?

Ever since graduating from univeristy with a First in Computer Science, I have become conflicted with regards to which path I’d like to follow in life and therefore thought that I could try my hand at videogame writing/journalism – if only to build experience and prove that I know what I’m talking about with regards to certain aspects of game design.

Whilst I realise that this blog is extremely unlikely to take off (considering how there are hundreds, if not thousands of people doing the exact same thing) – at the very least it’ll give me something constructive to do and possibly allow me to gain some experience that I can use in the future.

So, what reviews may be coming soon and what am I playing?

Out of all of the games that are sitting around in my backlog and those that are soon to be released – I may be playing and reviewing any of the following:
Saints Row: The Third (360), Dynasty Warriors 7 (PS3), Uncharted 3 (PS3), King of Fighters 13 (360), Final Fantasy XIII-2 (PS3).

I may also touch upon some other games and lesser-known downloadable titles.

Finally, I actually do have a means to capture gameplay. Feel free to check out some of my videos at:

So, now that-that’s out of the way, full steam ahead!

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January 13, 2012 at 1:56 am

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